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The Institute of Policy Research and Analysis (IPRA) is an independent, not-for-profit research organization dedicated to the advancement of research-based knowledge and applied policy analysis, and training, with a focus on Africa. Established in 1999, the Institute is Africa’s leading centres of research in the field of international trade, and public finance.

The Institute’s work falls into three distinct fields: research for evidence-based policy making; training and capacity building; and advisory services. IPRA’s research is grouped into three broad themes that encompass key issues in Africa’s development: Trade and Economic Integration; Tax and Fiscal Policy; Investment, Growth and Poverty Reduction. In all fields, the analytical approach is strongly rooted in applied quantitative methods. The Institute attempts to anticipate emerging issues and to be ready with a practical response to inform and shape public debate.

As a non-recipient of government funding, we are able to maintain a rigorous, scientific approach to research, while offering scope for timely, independent, well-informed contributions to public debate. Our target audience is the government policymaker, who needs the information for decision making, as well as legislators, business and civic leaders, management and staff at international organisations, university-based scholars, other research institutions, non-governmental organisations, the media, and the general public, in Africa and around the world.


To inform and enhance policy debate for poverty alleviation in Africa by generating and sharing policy-relevant information and strengthening local capacity for evidence-based decision making.


To become Africa’s centre of excellence in research.

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